Sunday, July 10, 2011

Toilet venue nostalgia

I'd only just posted that Walk the Line review, and I heard a related, but much more indie, piece of news on good ol' BBC 6 Music:

Apparently, the film's star Joaquin Phoenix is going to direct the new promo video from Welsh band People in Planes. Would be interesting to find out how that ended up happening - an almost-unheard-of band working with one of the current hottest properties in the film world. But I found it especially interesting as I saw People in Planes many years ago at the West End Centre in Aldershot, when they were known as Tetra Splendour. I went with a bunch of mates to celebrate my (I think) 14th birthday. And Biffy Clyro were also playing, before their first album had even come out. Ahhh, fond memories...

Who would have known back then that Biffy would go on to become the international-├╝ber-megastars that they are now? (Sorta.) And that little Tetra Splendour would end up working with Johnny Cash? (Sorta.)

Anyway, for the record, Biffy were rubbish at that gig. I like them much more now.

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